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Project Name  
Project Year

Site Area 
Total Floor Area










ST Engineer 



:  House MT
:  2011
:  The Eight Plus Properties Co.,Ltd
:  Pong, Cholburi

:  800 sq.m. 
:  600 sq.m.

:  Research Studio Panin

   In collaboration with
   G4 Architects

   Tonkao Panin
   Tanakarn Mokkhasmita 
   Sukotyut Charunut
   Jiroj Karnchanaporn


:  Yongyot Rojchaya
:  Add CON.

:  Tanakarn Mokkhasmita
:  Metawaj Chaijirapaisarn

The streamlined design features an internal courtyard that offers a private outdoor space accessible from any room in the villa. This constant connection with the outdoors acts as the heart of the house. It gives easy access to fresh air, natural light and a 360-degree view of the swimming pool.


Being interconnected with a courtyard in the middle means the family is offered a substantial flow of air, constant view of the sky—sun or moon, and the cooling effect of being near a sizable pool. Such environment and the pro-energy construction materials used, namely the thermally insulated “sandwich panels,” help keep the temperature pleasant with less dependence on air conditioning. Visually, the courtyard and the pool naturally create a relaxing atmosphere for the entire family.

The 5 Villa types are essentially designed on the same platform. The modular concept of each facility offers sheer flexibility to homeowners. Want to trade a room for a bigger lawn? Prefer one bigger room to two smaller ones in the corner? We’ve got just the perfect villa type for you! We don’t just develop properties in our own unique ways. We also give you the freedom to customize it.

There is flexibility in space as well as flexibility in lifestyle. The bedrooms, guest rooms and the maid quarter can all be customized even further. For maximum privacy, you can divide the villa into 2 zones—your family’s and the guests.’ Simply close the “inner gates” between each module to establish such setup. This is also convenient if you wish to rent out part of the villa.

Atop this all-in-one residence is a spacious sky deck which means more space for more activities! If lounging around the pool does not give you that perfect tan, go higher. Get closer to the sun. Not only will it give you a better view of the entire complex, the cool breezes will leave you feeling fresh and revived.

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